Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Girly Bits "Neutron Dance"

Hello lovelies! Boy do I have a treat for you today....feast your eyes on the gorgeous "Neutron Dance" by Girly Bits, part of the 80s Girl Bands collection:

Girly Bits "Neutron Dance" - artificial light
Girly Bits "Neutron Dance" - artificial light
There is just so much to love with this polish, it's difficult to know where to start.  Girly Bits are such a fun indie brand, and this latest collection contains some of the most inventive polishes and polish names I've come across in a while.  "Neutron Dance" is apparently a reference to a Pointer Sisters song, but as a physicist myself it appeals to my inner geek and reminds me of this fella...

This colour almost defies description, but I'll give it a shot...Neutron Dance is a pink neon crelly jam packed with hex and square glitters in pink and gold plus teeny flecks of holo glitter.  It is definitively Da Bomb

Girly Bits "Neutron Dance" - artificial light
Girly Bits "Neutron Dance" - artificial light
It was impossible to photograph, so I have a ton of swatches for you to try to show you the range of colour to expect.  In some (artificial) lights its a scrummy milky pink that reminds me of that other eighties favourite - the pink blancmange:

Scrummy milky crelly jelly
Under most lighting conditions however this presents as an eye-watering hot pink neon...Wowza!

Girly Bits "Neutron Dance" - sunlight
This is such an eye-catching polish, it is impossible to ignore.  But for such an 'in your face' shade, it still comes across as pretty rather than obnoxious.  As a child of the eighties myself, this shade perfectly encapsulates my entire childhood wardrobe....8 year old me would have gone mental for this polish, so it's little surprise that (ahem) 34 year old me thinks it's awesome too.

When I grow up...all the polish will be mine!

This is only my second Girly Bits polish (see Shift Happens - dupe test (with Max Factor Fantasy Fire) and layering with OPI Germanicure) and I'm already a big fan of this brand.  Quality is excellent, and it has a decent brush. Application of this shade was a little tricky, due to the high concentration of big glitters but nothing too difficult.  It's quite a thin base, so here I'm wearing 3 coats but you could get full opacity in two coats if you spread it thickly (it'd be harder to distribute the glitters though).  I layered it atop my customary NE base and beneath a generous layer of HK Girl topcoat to leave a relatively smooth surface.

In case you hadn't guessed by now, I highly recommend this polish.  It is quite simply, 'happy in a bottle', and isn't that exactly why we nail nerds love polish in the first place?

I picked mine up from Rainbow Connection (link in the Suppliers page) for £9.60.