This a personal website where all posts are written and posted by me, unless otherwise specified. All of my reviews are based on my own opinions and experience with the product(s).  Unless otherwise noted specifically in any given post, every product mentioned on this blog has been purchased by me with my own money. I am willing to accept free products for consideration, however this will never influence my opinions and content and all reviews are written in all honesty and based on my own experience with the product(s).

We are all different, and so are our opinions.  Just because I personally liked or disliked a product does not mean that you will feel the same way about it.  I'd recommend that you read reviews/view swatches from several sources and use your own judgment when deciding whether or not to purchase a particular product.

In each post I will usually give an indication of where I purchased the product, and how much I paid.  Often this is to highlight potential sources of bargains, which is something I'm always keen to discover.  I also have a supplier page, where I have listed the sources I personally use to purchase my polishes.  I am in no way affiliated to any of the companies that I mention.  I make no money or gain any benefits from mentioning these companies in my blog.  As with my reviews, I report on my own personal experiences, and therefore I take no responsibility for your experiences with these companies, good or bad.

All photos are mine unless otherwise stated. Do not use without my written permission, or remove my watermark.  If I use a photo from a source other than myself for nail art inspiration, I will be sure to link to the source. If I use an image by you, and you would like it removed, please notify me.


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