Wednesday, 29 May 2013

It's Red Babez!....and also rubbish

Today's NOTD is free with this month's InStyle magazine (May 2013).  This is a "specially designed" shade for InStyle magazine, one of three available, this one is called "It's Red Babez!".
I'll start by saying right off that I really, really didn't like this polish at all and I wouldn't recommend it.
Pictured here is base coat (nail envy), 3 coats of colour, and a single coat of Seche to top it off.  Even after three coats this was still sheer, you can just see on the middle finger here that the nail line was still visible under all those coats.  The formula was watery, thin, and streaky; overall a big dissapointment.

It's Red Babez! - Nails Inc for InStyle Magazine
It's Red Babez! - Nails Inc for InStyle Magazine - Natural Light
 I'm not sure what the rational for this polish collection was from the Nails Inc point of view.  If this was an attempt at positive advertising I don't think that the quality of this polish would convince anyone to fork out £11 for their next bottle.  If the idea was to make a crappy cheap formula so that they didn't make so much of a loss by giving it away for free, then this isn't good advertising for InStyle either.  I'm beginning to view the bottle design as more of a disclaimer:  does "for InStyle" = "not our fault, blame InStyle"?

InStyle Magazine (UK) May 2013
InStyle Magazine UK - May 2013
The bottom line is that this month, you can get a Nails Inc polish for the cover price of £3.90 which seems like a bargain - but poor quality isn't worth any money in my opinion.  In T K Maxx you can buy sets of Nails Inc polishes, often 4 bottles for £12-£13, which makes the bottle price similar to this but far better quality and in a better range of colours.

Also, the magazine was pants.

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