Sunday, 15 June 2014

My first nail polish: Avon "Little Blossom" nail tint

If you were a child of the eighties in the UK then chances are you remember the make-up range Avon made for children: Little Blossom. I happened to be chatting to someone about this today and it brought back such happy memories! The make up was all in pale colors, with light scents and all designed to wash off in the bath. It's so sad that there is no modern day equivalent of this now. I've since found a number of websites and pinterest boards dedicated to people's love for these "vintage" Avon products....makes me feel pretty vintage too have things from my childhood classed as vintage!

This also made me realise that the Little Blossom nail tint was my very first nail polish. I wish I could remember what it smelled like, but it looked like a pale pink clear tint that peeled off easily...perhaps not so dissimilar to the new OPI sheer tints (but without the peeling I'd hope). 

I found this pic on pinterest, sorry I don't know who to credit it too...

Do you remember the Little Blossom range? (And can you remember what this smelled of?)....what was your first nail polish? I'd love to hear from you :-)


  1. Oh my goodness, it was so long ago! One year my parents got me a little bit of everything from the line (talc, lip balm, fragrance, etc.) including this, I think mine smelled sort of sweet flowery but I could remember it wrong.

  2. I was thinking flowery! I remember the smell of the lip tint vividly but not this for some reason...I wonder if this sewed the early seeds of my nail obsession ha ha

  3. Loved this. There is a petition to ask Avon to bring back the Little Blossom line!