Wednesday, 5 November 2014

A England Promotion! Gothic November, on now...

Hello ladies! Just a quick post to let you know that A England are having another of their legendary promotions with shades for just £6, and special bundles for even lower than that! With free UK P&P it's s steal. 

This promotion is called Gothic November and contains all the Gothic collection shades.  Go to for details.

I have one of the Gothic collection polish - Lady of Shallot - which I have worn but haven't swatched yet. TBH I was a bit disappointed with it, it was a blackened shade that to my eye just looked black all the time on the nail. I have a friend with the Jane Eyre shade and she had the same experience. If that's what you like in a blackened polish, that it's more black than the accent shade, then crack on this promo is for you :-) there are also non blackened shades in the offer too...

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