Sunday, 14 December 2014

A England Festive Bargains

Festive greetings ladies! This is just a quickie to share some exiting news...AEngland are having an awesome festive sale...It's well worth a look, and as Christmas shades go I can't recommend "Perceval" highly enough. It is quite simply THE perfect metallic red. If by some horrible trick of fate I was forced to choose only one red from my collection to keep then I would pick this one without hesitation. Check out my blog post on Percival for more...

I would also highly recommend Avalon, if like me you live metallic purple then this is also hard beat. I also loved Dragon...

Sadly for me I already have a lot of these and none of the AEngland shades that I've been lemming are this offer but hopefully you'll find a nice bargain amongst them :-)

Go to for details

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