Monday, 23 February 2015

Spotted! New Brands in Boots

Hello ladies!

Exciting things are afoot at the Boots store in the Gyle (Edinburgh).  I'm not sure how far reaching this is, but I'm guessing it must be nationwide in at least the larger Boots stores.  A new set of counters has popped up in the Beauty department, for fancy hair products and nail polish. There is even a specialised assistant staffing the counter like they have on the Chanel counter etc.  These new counters are in a separate part of the store to the main nail displays so I almost didn't spot it...

As you can see, there are a large number of brands on offer:  Butter London (the biggest range I've ever seen), Orly, Mavala, Nails Inc, Sensationail, Eve Snow and LondonTown.  The last three in that list are brands I'd never heard of, but they're selling for top dollar prices (£9-11 ish) so these are at least being marketed above the regular 'drugstore' brands that Boots carry.  I was particularly excited by the Orly and Butter London displays, I haven't seen this range of shades anywhere else outside of London.

So keep your eyes peeled ladies - perhaps a new premium nail display is coming to a Boots near you!

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