Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A-England Rose Bower

"Here lies the hoarded love the key
To All the treasure that shall be
Come fated heart the gift to take
And smite the sleeping world awake"
inscripton beneath "The Rose Bower" by Edward Burne-Jones

A-England Rose Bower - Natural Light, Indoors
A-England Rose Bower - Natural light, indoors
Today's NOTD is the stunning "Rose Bower" from the new A-England collection "Burne-Jones Dream".  A-England is a fabulous UK based boutique brand that finds inspiration in classic literature, art and poetry to create some of the most unique polishes I've ever seen.
A-England Rose Bower - Indirect Sunlight
Indirect sunlight
Rose Bower, like the rest of the Burne-Jones Dream collection is a scattered holographic polish.  A-England have perfected the art of the perfect holographic polish; ultra-fine astonishingly sparkly holo particles produce a rainbow of colour when the light catches it but give the polish an elegant dusted appearance in indirect lighting.  The formula is smooth as butter, and dries smooth and glossy with none of that gritty texture you might expect from a polish with this amount of sparkle.

A-England Rose Bower - Indirect Sunlight
A-England Rose Bower - indirect sunlight
Here I'm wearing two coats of Rose Bower, with a single coat of Nail Envy underneath and Seche Vite to top it off.  It was opaque enough in a single coat, but I'm a habitial double-coater!  Its a scrumptious shade of raspberry, I'm totally in love :)
A-England Rose Bower - direct sunlight
A-England Rose Bower - direct sunlight
Summer is the perfect season for holo polishes that burst into life at the merest hint of a sunbeam.  Rose Bower is a beautiful summery colour, I'd definately recommend it.

These are not available on the A-England just yet, but you can order directly by sending an email to hello@a-england.co.uk with your colour choices and you'll be sent a paypal invoice to complete the sale, and even better - postage in the UK is free!  Each bottle is £9, and worth every penny.

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