Saturday, 8 June 2013

Bargains Spotted....

This month's Harpars Bazaar features a free Leighton Denny "Colour & Go" polish duo.  The Colour-And-Go duo provides 4ml each of colour and "One for All" basecoat and topcoat.  The RRP for these is £11, and the magazine cover price in the UK is £4.20, so this seems like a reasonable bargain and perhaps handy for summer travels?

Shades available are: Rebel, Butterfly Wings, Just Perfect, Pillow Talk & I Love Juicy & Starkers.

Harpers Bazaar - July 2013 issue
Harpers Bazaar - July 2013 issue
With the exception of "I Love Juicy", I already have all of these shades so I haven't personally bothered with this offer.  I would recommend Rebel - the royal purple - which I have in a full size and is one of the nicest purples I own.  I also love "Pillow Talk", its a gorgeous raspberry pink/red polish that's lovely on.  I haven't ever tried the "One for All" base/topcoat (because with Nail Envy and Seche why would I?), or the "Colour and Go" duo, so I can't say whether this is a good thing or not, but for £4.20 it seems a reasonable price to give it a go.

For LD lovers and bargain-ista's its good to know that there are sometimes LD bargains to be had in TK Maxx, and also on QVC UK.  I like LD polishes, they're excellent quality, although their shades can be a little 'safe' for my tastes sometimes.  I like me some bonkers polish :)

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