Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Muir Muir by OPI

Hello ladies :) Today's mani post is 'Muir Muir' by OPI from their San Francisco Fall 2013 collection.  This is another polish that made it onto a lot of bloggers 'Best Of 2013' lists so I was eager to try it.  I don't actually own this one, my mum does, so I painted my nails at her house and grabbed a pic on my camera phone so apologies for the crappy quality...

Pictured here are two coats with NE base and SV topper.  Photographed in natural indirect lighting - which is important because I think most people's swatches are in artificial lighting which as we all know can make a polish look fancier than it will look on nail 90% of the time.

Muir Muir by OPI - natural indirect lighting
Muir Muir by OPI - natural indirect lighting
This polish was an overwhelming 'meh' for me.  As this swatch shows, most of the time this just looked brown - and although brown can be fabulous (hello 'Germanicure') this one is just a dusty forgettable brown for me.  In some lighting you can see the evidence of that warm burgundy undertone that made me think of the likes of Germanicure/Every Month is Oktoberfest when I first saw the swatches, but I can say that this polish is nowhere near as exciting as either of those.

All in all I'm glad I didn't splash out on this one.  In fact I don't own any of the SF collection yet, a lot of them looked like a case of the same ol' same ol' from OPI.  Perhaps they used up all their Fall mojo on the incredible 2012 Germany collection?

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