Monday, 20 January 2014

No.7 Betty Blues & Bargain News

Hello ladies :) Laqueristas in the UK are probably well aware of the Boots No.7 voucher scheme but for anyone that's not....Boots periodically hand out £3 off No.7 makeup vouchers with every purchase, usually for a few weeks.  Perhaps to encourage spending No.7 then usually run a 'buy one get 2nd half price' offer.  So the upshot is, you can get two polishes for £3-£3.50 each (depending on which ones you pick).  Bargain!

The offer is on right NOW!

What's even worse for a polish addict like me is that they keep giving me the flipping vouchers! So when you use your voucher to buy polish they give you a new voucher....which you have to spend because it's cheap polish...arg! The addiction cycle continues....

So for any of you about to dash out and get spendy here's an 'anti-recommendation' that might help from my last voucher-induced stash stockup:

No.7 Betty Blues - Natural light
No.7 Betty Blues - Natural light
This is 'Betty Blues' and it certainly gave me the's terrible!  In the bottle this looks like it has a deep sapphire shimmer, which you can just about see in the bottle in this picture.  On the nails there's absolutely just looks black, not even navy blue.  It was also one of the worst staining polishes I've ever cuticles were navy blue for a week.  Ick! My advice is to avoid this like the plague.  With my navy cuticles it didn't just ruin this mani for me, but the next two! That's a special kind of awful.

If you are looking for positive recommendations - In the Stars (microflakie topper, link is to my comparison post), Salsa and Damson Dream are all amazeballs!  Swatches will appear here eventually!

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