Friday, 10 October 2014

Eurso Euro by OPI, with Ozotic 528 accent

Hello ladies!   After my recent disappointment with "Do You Have This Colour in Stock-Holm" from OPI's latest Fall collection I was reminded of a much better colour - "Eurso Euro" from the Spring 2013 Euro Centrale collection.  I was initially convinced that '...Stockholm' would be a dupe for 'Euro' but as my previous post shows this isn't the case.  It did mean that I then had both shades side by side and could be reminded what a great shade Euro is (and also that I've had the swatch pics since last Christmas...sigh).

OPI Eurso Euro and Ozotic 528 - artificial light
OPI Eurso Euro and Ozotic 528 - artificial light
Ahhh now isn't that better? '..Euro' is a rich, deeply pigmented,  navy crème and unlike '..Stockholm' it doesn't apply like a pig.  It's a brilliant shade for Fall, so it's quite a mystery for a Spring collection but hey, I'm not complaining! Pictured here I'm wearing two easy coats under SV topcoat.  On my ring finger I used a single coat of my precious (and now sadly discontinued) Ozotic 528.  These photos are almost a year old now, and I still thought accent nails were really cool at the time.  It's like nail art for the lazy, you only have to do one finger and you don't have to worry about symmetry! Does anyone even do this anymore? Now it seems stamping is a far more popular choice for nail art that doesn't take a fine arts degree in painting to achieve.

OPI Eurso Euro and Ozotic 528 - natural light
OPI Eurso Euro and Ozotic 528 - natural (indirect) light
Ozotic 528 is a multichrome glitter that is really gorgeous, and sadly didn't go with 'Euro' quite so well as I imagined from the bottle.  I'll have a separate post for this later, although knowing me it'll probably take me a year to get round to it...

OPI Eurso Euro and Ozotic 528 - artificial light
Ozotic 528 accent nail atop OPI Eurso Euro
So, if you're looking for an ideal Fall colour and a really classic shade of blue, then I'd say look no further.  You'll probably even get this for a good price compared to the new Nordic collection since it's a bit older, but a shade like this isn't going to go out of style (unlike my nail art...sigh).

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