Sunday, 5 October 2014

How Great is Your Dane? OPI Nordic Collection

Hello lovelies :) Today I have a polish from this year's "Nordic" Fall collection by OPI - How Great is Your Dane? Pictured here I'm wearing three coats with NE base and Essie Good to Go to top it off.  This would have been fine with an easy two coats, but I'm a spaz and made a mess that needed a second coat to fix.

This chocolaty beauty is a silky smooth crème with a colour that's tricky to describe, it is predominantly brown but with strong grey tones.  I'm not sure exactly what I'd call it, a cool-toned brown? Chocolate Clay? I'm not sure, so I'll stick with gorgeous. The tone is super flattering, and the overall effect is very elegant.


In the bottle this looks like a pale brown, close to the colour of the milk in your coco-pops, but on the nail is comes out darker and with more of a wet-clay effect.  It's definitely one of those polishes that looks a lot nicer on the nail than you'd guess from the bottle.  I'm in love. I'm still a relatively nude newbie, I had no idea that I would like shades like this so much on the nail.  I feel like such a grown up.

Formula is the usual high quality you'd expect from OPI, no issues to report there.  The brush seemed shorter to me than I expect from OPI - have they changed that? I haven't heard any word on the grapevine about a change to the pro-wide.  Perhaps I'm imagining things, sometimes the fumes get to me...

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